Saturday, April 1, 2017

I know that It has been a while since my last post in October. I am sorry for that. The Holiday season is a busy time for me at work as you will soon see from my following posts. When the holiday season ended I had a family problem arise that has made it difficult for me to do anything else. Sorry.

So first is the Christmas window at the front of the Harmons store I work at. I used the same chalkink markers I use on the chalk boards throughout the store. However, with the window I need to plan out where each color will go on paper first. The reason for this is the temperature difference. Within 5 seconds of placing the chalk on the window it is dry. So where the soft transitions occur it is actually slight variations of direct color that was mixed previously. This process took me a whole week to accomplish as the windows in total are over 100ft in length.  There are four images in order from the south lobby to the north lobby getting darker as it moves north to mimic the setting sun.
Here we start with a cabin in the setting sun.

The mountains rise here to their pinnacle with just a little less sun. 

This is my favorite section. It is nice when everything works out. I planned it out so it looks like the viewer (ie you) are on a hill above the town. The distant hill has a little sun on it as do the highest buildings to continue the illusion of the sun setting.  

This ending section is completely in darkness. The picture I took with my phone corrected it though so it actually looks lighter then the other sections.  

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