Sunday, April 23, 2017

I really liked how this one turned out. The picture is washed out a little too so the picture does not even do it justice. As you can see we are trying to sell more bagels at work. So far it has been working.

This one was for our planting and gardening section on the seasonal aisle.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

This is an oil painting of the Bountiful temple for a friend's wedding. The picture does not do it justice. 

This is a piece I did for work but that was finished at home because I liked it so much. It is chalkink on chalk board. It was hanging above our wok bar but we got rid of the wok bar a couple of months ago because of sales.
I liked how this one turned out. The wetness of fur was the hardest part to complete. 

This was a study with colored pencils. I chose to use this for my business card.

This is an old one that I did in watercolor while in college. I'm not a fan of watercolor so I did not pursue it. The image is that of the view from the top of Mount Whitney (14500ft) in California looking south. 

So here are some of the things I've been doing at home for various projects and people.  The last couple of years I have applied to and gotten into the Hogle Zoo art competition. Here are some of those pieces.
I know that I have posted this piece before but that was before I entered it into the art show at the zoo.
It got in to the show and was also put in the traveling art show which started last June and will end this June.

I thought I had a good scan of this one but it turns out that I did not. All I had was this image I took when I visited the Zoo back in February to get pictures of the animals for pieces I'm working on. This one obviously got into the show, but also into the traveling art show. This one also sold within the first 5 minutes of the opening night. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Okay. This the Last one of the day. It is located on the cereal aisle and is 12 ft long. It took a while to complete but the customers really enjoy it. Tomorrow I will post stuff that i have done at home in my free time and recent commissions.
Here are some random pieces from work.
This one went up in the lobby.

This one is in bulk foods for Honey stix. They are small tubes of flavored honey.

Self explanatory. People still ignore the sign on occasion. 

This sign was on our display for the special olympics. The display featured a torch with a small horizontal chalk board that could be raised up the torch as our total donations increased. This sign took about two hours to do. The torch display probably took around ten.
The following images are 30"x 60" and are used above the Promo aisle at work. This is the aisle that changes depending on the holiday and or season. For instance right now (April 1) I have Easter themed boards up for the approaching holiday.
This image is self explanatory. I did it last summer for the 4th. I wanted it to be simple yet profound. Many of our customers asked to see me after I put this up to thank me for it. The picture does not show that there are musket balls flying around our militia man making it feel like we are in the mists of  battle.

This is also self explanatory. I did this in February for St. Patrick's day. What I like about this one is that I had caught up on all my work from the holidays which always push me back a couple of months. It allowed me to set a table up in the lobby on one of our slow days  and paint this picture for the guests to see. It was a great opportunity to show them that the signs are painted (most think they are printed). I was also able to show them my technique. 

I did this one for our camping set last summer. The paleness of the rocks gave me some trouble as you can see ( the color seems just a little off). This is of Mount Timpanogoes and one of my favorite hikes.

This one is one of my favorites. I got the idea one day when I dropped something on the floor and scared my cat who popped up to see what it was. All I could see is what you see in the image. The sun was setting and shining through the window on her to give her those brilliant eyes. So I recreated the situation and got my camera set up to snap the picture. I then went online and found a black cat to sub in for my cat who is black and grey to complete the look.

I like doing signs that are sentimental and tug at people's heart strings. Something cute or something funny is always the best way to go depending on the holiday (ie Memorial day, the 4th, and veterans day). 

This one was also done last summer for our grilling section. I took my time because I wanted people's mouth's to water when they saw it. It worked as our sales of meat and grilling supplies had a boost over the sales from before I put the sign up. To test it I actually took it down for a week before the 4th of July and put up signs related to the 4th instead. Our sales went back down for that week.
I know that It has been a while since my last post in October. I am sorry for that. The Holiday season is a busy time for me at work as you will soon see from my following posts. When the holiday season ended I had a family problem arise that has made it difficult for me to do anything else. Sorry.

So first is the Christmas window at the front of the Harmons store I work at. I used the same chalkink markers I use on the chalk boards throughout the store. However, with the window I need to plan out where each color will go on paper first. The reason for this is the temperature difference. Within 5 seconds of placing the chalk on the window it is dry. So where the soft transitions occur it is actually slight variations of direct color that was mixed previously. This process took me a whole week to accomplish as the windows in total are over 100ft in length.  There are four images in order from the south lobby to the north lobby getting darker as it moves north to mimic the setting sun.
Here we start with a cabin in the setting sun.

The mountains rise here to their pinnacle with just a little less sun. 

This is my favorite section. It is nice when everything works out. I planned it out so it looks like the viewer (ie you) are on a hill above the town. The distant hill has a little sun on it as do the highest buildings to continue the illusion of the sun setting.  

This ending section is completely in darkness. The picture I took with my phone corrected it though so it actually looks lighter then the other sections.