Friday, April 13, 2012

Temple sample

Details: This is a coustom painting made for a friend as a centerpiece for their home
Size: 18x24
Time spent: 50+ hours
General pricing for commissions: $12 per hour
This is the Palmyra, New York temple. 
If you'd like your own painting be aware that the price depends mainly on the size that you want. The smaller the size renders less man hours to create as well as less detail. But no matter what the size each one can be tailored to fit your wants at the discretion of the artist. For example, the skyline in this painting was from a wedding photo that was taken in the winter (Snow everywhere) but our friends wanted the temple to be set in spring or summer.
If you would like to buy one of Jeff's pre-made works or ask about a custom temple painting to remember a sealing, wedding, or just as a beautiful focal point in your home you can email me at

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